Sunflower Tower

At first, the Sunflower Tracker was invented. We needed to build a solar tracker that was easy to install, required no setup, was precise, worked worldwide, was reliable, affordable, intelligent and mostly low energy consuming. That was the soul of the system. And now, we've created the body. We have combined the most effective and most reliable solar components in the industry and joined them with the Sunflower Tracker to build the most effective solar system.

If you own a 12' x 12' shadow free land and you are interested in saving money, our system is perfect for you. Contact your local solar installer to get more information about our product and about your local solar incentives.

Tracking the sun

The best way to see by yourself the importance of tracking the sun is by visiting the Sun Path Calculator website. Go look for the summer months! The sun path during that time is much wider and this is where we can clearly see the difference. With the Sunflower Tracker, your system can gain up to 3 times the potential of a roof system.

Our Mission

At Sunflower Technologies, we believe the time for Solar Energy is Now. Our Mission is to deliver highly efficient Solar Energy Systems to all who are ready to join us in changing the way we power our homes and businesses; by harnessing clean and plentiful energy from the Sun.

Our Values

We believe the people of this planet don’t need to forgo their quality of life to implement environmentally responsible, sustainable development solutions. We believe the time to invent and implement these solutions is now.

Sunflower Tracker

The Sunflower Tracker follows the sun throughout the day with a precision of 0.02 degree to produce the maximum energy.


The Sunflower Tower is built to be durable and to work on it's own without any maintenance.

Robust and Precise

The Sunflower tracker is heavily built and the most precise tracker on the market.


The sun path is calculated directly within the tracker and connects to 20 satellites to find the exact GPS coordinates.

Heavy winds

In case of heavy winds, the Sunflower Tracker detects the wind direction and align the racking system to a safer place.


The Sunflower Tracker was built to resist all kind of weather.

Integrated gps

The Sunflower Tracker is effective worldwide and requires no setup.

Easy and fast installation

The Sunflower Racking


The racking system mounts on a 6" mounting pole*.
It is robust and developped to withstand heavy winds.
*Mounting pole not included

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The future of residential solar has arrived.

Grid connected inverter

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The Fronius Galvo is perfect for residential PV systems. A host of smart features make the Fronius Galvo one of the most future-proof inverters in its class: the integrated datalogging, plug-in card technology for retrofitting additional functions, and third-party monitoring compatibility.

MOnitor your system

The convenient app for the easy viewing of PV system data Download App

The Fronius Solar.web App is the mobile version of the online service. Simply install the app on your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android smartphone or tablet, or Windows Smartphone and have the energy yields of your PV System constantly at hand. Both up-to-date system production data and historical values can be displayed. Use the Fronius demo systems for a sneak peek at what the application can do. Thanks to the start-up wizard, registering the PV system in Fronius Solar.web is simple and intuitive using the app itself.